Coutinho’s Fast Recovery Might See Him Play Against City

Liverpool’s star playmaker, Philippe Coutinho gave his club a major boost with the news of his fast recovery. The Brazil international expects to return on the pitch during their highly anticipated match against Manchester City.


Coutinho suffered an ankle injury in their match against Sunderland. A tackle against Didier N’Dong brought him down to his knees and caused him to leave the pitch at once. He was expected to return next year. Scans showed that the trauma that his ankle received was a serious one. But his speedy recovery increases his chances of featuring against City.


“The rehab is going really well. I can now walk without crutches and I am working well with the medical team. So I’m pleased with how I am recovering,” he said in an interview.


Coutinho readily bloomed under Jurgen Klopp’s tutelage.


He has already delivered five goals and orchestrated Liverpool’s rise to the top. Since Klopp’s took over, he transformed intto one of the most efficient and creative playmaker inthe league. As a matter of fact, the Football Supporters’ Federation Awards 2016 gave him the Men’s Player of the Year award after helping the squad reach the final of the Europa League last season.


But more than the awards, the so-called “Couttinho effect” is more evident in Liverpool’s most recent performances.


After his injury, the club slumped into a frustrating 4-3 loss to Bournemouth. It was soon followed by an even steven finish with West Ham United.


Coutinho, of course was disappointed.


“Obviously I have been very frustrated, because like any player who is injured, it is tough to watch rather than play and help the team,” he disclosed.


With a loss and a draw, Liverpool fell into the third spot of the league table. Many are hoping that Coutinho’s return to the pitch will help them go back to the zenith of the Premier League.


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