Simeone: Oblak’s Injury Worst Part of Defeat

Atletico Madrid’s head honcho, Diego Simeone described Jan Oblak’s injury as the worst part of their defeat to Villlarreal.


The title contender succumbed to another frustrating loss last weekend due to their defensive lapses.


Oblak, who is one of the players involved in preventing Villarreal from scoring conceded two crucial goals in the first half.


The team’s no.1 tried to make up for his lapses, but injured himself instead.


To date, the extent of his injury remains unknown. However, Simeone and the rest of his teammates are hoping that it was not that serious.


Atletico’s present form is in serious trouble. Their most recent defeat was their third in their last five matches and now that Oblak is sidelined, the harder it is for the squad to return to the La Liga elite.


“I go with the feeling that the team fought, worked and looked for the best chance to win, but the results are not encouraging us,” Simeone shared in an interview.


“We have to work because it is the only way to improve. We accept the criticism, because when a team loses games you need to improve,” he added.


Atletico’s team captain, Gabi has something to say in their performance as well. He said that while it is true that they showed grit and strrength during the second half, it was the individual mistakes, which prevented them from stealing the spotlight away from their opponent.


He also echoed his manager’s call for improvement. However, he stressed that they should work harder iif they are committed in returning on top of the league table.


With the loss, it already looked impossible for Atletico to secure the title. They have already dropped to the  6th spot and trails the league leader, Real Madrid by twelve points. Other clubs such as Sevilla and Real Sociedad have already overtaken them in the ranking.


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