Koeman Jeers Wenger For Blaming Ref

“I’m sorry Arsenal, we won through the referee,” said Everton’s manager, Ronald Koeman as he jeered on Arsene Wenger’s comments regarding his team’s (highly contested) win.


Wenger’s negative reaction seemed to emanate from their failure to protect their lead. His club took the early lead when Alexis Sanchez secured a clinical free kick only to lose the three points when Everton has managed to equalize and eventually, score the heroic goal.


Koeman disclosed that he was not surprised with his opponent’s comments since this is the third time that he blamed the referee for their loss.


He (Koeman) recalled that the so-called Specialist also did the same when they lost to him twice when he was still managing Southampton. The Dutch manager added that Wenger had this habit  of pointing fingers to the officials when the result does not favor his team.


Wenger blamed referee Mark Clattenburg for awarding the crucial corner that allowed Everton to score.


“Of course it was no corner. You can see it was no corner but we have to live with the wrong decision,” he said.


He was also very critical of James McCarthy’s aggression on the pitch. The latter had a confrontation with Mesut Ozil prior to the half-time.
With this, Koeman responded and said that it was something that supporters want to seee. He explained that fans fancy “face-to-face agression” where players do everything too keep the momentum to their side.


Arsenal is primed to go to to the top had they win this particular match. The odds seemed to work in their favor, most especially when Manchester City suffered its second straight defeat.


Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.


Chelsea the current league leader is set to meet the rock bottom Sunderland. Evidently, they are perceived as the match’s heavy favorite. Should they win tonight, the Blues will enjoy a six-point lead and Arsenal could only hope for a sudden twist of fate to bring back the advantaage to their side.


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