Match Preview: Darmstadt vs. Bayern Munich

There is no doubt that this match readily favors Bayern Munich, which is currently occupying the top spot of the league table.


The squad was able to capitalize on Leipsig’s loss. They thrashed Wolfsburg with five goals. However, they lead that they have right now is based only on goal difference. This can be easily taken away from them, which means that they do not have the luxury tto be over confident.


This is most especially true that some of their key players such as Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery are in doubt for the upcoming clash.


Robben has only featured in nine Bundesliga matches because of an injury. On the other hand, Ribery, who has just returned is currently experiencing muscular problems.


But the good thing is that the Bavarians have an impressive resume. Despite the absence of the above-mentioned duo, it would be quite difficult to stop them from their scoring spree. Robert Lewandowski is unstoppable and in their previous match, Thomas Muller has already ended his scoring goal drought.


The predicted score after the first half is 0-2 (4.44). This is not impossible since the Bavarians have been really scoring high in their previous matches. Other than Wolfsburg’s five-goal thrashing, they have also scored an average of two goals in their other matches such as the one pitted against Mainz and Bayer Leverkusen.


There is a high possibility that in this particular match, Bayern will score more than three goals (3+ at 1.71).


As for Darmstadt, they are currently hanging on the 18th spot of the league table. They have already lost their last six matches and is yet to secure a point.


Overall, it is assumed that this match will generate 4 (4.64) goals after the final whistle.



Date: 18 December 2016

Venue: Jonathan-Heimes-Stadion am Bollenfalltor


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