Wenger Hits Back at Ref for Defeat

Arsene Wenger blamed referee Martin Atkinson for Arsenal’s 2-1 loss to Manchester City last Sunday.


The Specialist insisted that two of City’s goals should be disallowed because they were offside. He was referring to the equalizer that Leroy Sane netted right after the first half and Raheem Sterling’s hero goal, which gave Pep Guardiola’s side the three points.


Wenger said that David Silva blocked Petr Cech’s view, thus, it should be offside.


However, replays showed that Silva did not, in any way, impeded Cech’s view and so there was nothing wrong in allowing the goal.


In an interview with Sky Sports,  Cech admitted that he was also unsure if Silva indeed, impeded his view.


“ I have to say, to be honest, there were people running across and I don’t know whether one of them was David Silva or not, but I didn’t see the ball because it was behind the players and obviously my reaction was late,” he shared.


Despite the decision, Wenger explained the need to move on. He mentioned that they should use the situation to look closely into their present situation and evaluate their shortcomings.


Meanwhile, Guardiola strongly believes that they deserve the three points.


“We make a good game from the beginning to the end. We deserve our win” he shared.


With the victory, City moved to the second spot of the league table whilst Arsenal slipped down to the fourth spot.


The loss was Wenger’s second straight defeat. Prior to the match against City, the team also suffered a narrow loss to Everton where he also blamed the referee.


The Toffees’ manager, Ronald Koeman, issued a cheeky response where he asked for an apology because they won via the refs. He disclosed that it was not uncommon to see Wenger blame the officials whenever the match’s result does not favor his club.


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