Kvitova Undergoes Six Months of Rehab After Knife Attack

Two-time Wimbledon champ and World Number 11, Petra Kvitova will need at least six months of rehab after surviving a knife attack from an intruder.


Kvitova’s left hand, which happened to be her playing hand, suffered tendon damages. Her five fingers together with her two nerves were seriously injured too.


After receiving first aid in a hospital at Prostejov, she was immediately taken to a specialized clinic in Vysoke and Jizerou.


Radek Kebrle, the surgeon who operated on Kvitova shared that the procedure lasted for almost four hours. He added that “everything went well,” but it will take the tennis star at least three months just to hold a racquet.


When asked when she will be able to participate in competitive matches, her manager shared:


“It is too soon to specify when precisely she can return to competition, but Petra is ready to do everything she can to get back competing at the highest level.”


Last Wednesday, Kvitova was attacked by an intruder, who pretended to be a boiler repair engineer to gain access to her apartment.


Other than hurting her with a knife, the burglar also stole her 5,000 Czech Koruna watch, which costs around  £155.


To date, the suspect is still at large and public help was already sought.


Speculations have it that the said attack was premeditated and planned. However, her publicist explained that it was a random one.


It did not take long before other tennis players expressed their support for Kvitova.


Among those who shared inspirational messages via Twitter were the King of Clay, Rafael Nadal and Australian Open titleholder, Angelique Kerber.


Kvitova’s stabbing was not an isolated case, except that the motive may be different.


In 1993, nine-time Grand Slam single winner, Monica Seles was attacked by an obsessed Steffi Graf supporter on court. She was unable to return to the limelight after the said incident.


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