Swansea Sacks Bradley

Swansea sacked Bob Bradley after 85 days of managing the struggling squad.


The humiliating 1-4 defeat to West Ham United on Boxing Day triggered the management to finally let go of Bradley most especially when supporters started shouting “We want Bradley out!”


Actually, he could have stayed until next year and the club even promised to support his decisions in the transfer window. Unfortunately, Swansea just cannot afford to have a fall out with its fans.


With the above-mentioned defeat, the Swans try to thrive on the rock-bottom part of the league table. They are currently ranked 19, earning a mere 12 points. They are tied with Hull, but ranks higher because of their goal difference.


In an interview with Chairman Huw Jenkins, he said that they needed to make the said decision while they still have the second half of the season.


“With the club going through such a tough time, we have to try and find the answers to get ourselves out of trouble ,” he shared.


Meanwhile, it seems like Bradley has already anticipated the sacking.


“I knew exactly what I was getting into when I came to Swansea and realised the hardest part was always going to be getting points in the short run,” he explained.


He also wished the club the best of luck.


To date, the club is yet to find a replacement. This is in stark contrast to Francesco Guidolin when he was relieved of his post. Bradley was already primed as his successor.


First team coach, Alan Curtis and Paul Williams will temporarily manage the squad until a new manager arrives.


As the team looks for its new coach, the Guardian names ex-Crystal Palace coach, Alan Pardew crops out as the successor. Frank De Boer, Gary Rowett, Roy Hodgson, Chris Coleman and Ryan Giggs are said to be considered for the position too.


Bradley is the first American manager in the Premier League.  Prior to that, he also managed USA, Stabaek and Le Havre.


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