Tevez’s House Robbed While Celebrating His Wedding

Robbers ransacked the house of Boca Juniors’ striker, Carlos Tevez during his wedding day.


According to reports, the 32-year-old Argentina international was out to Uruguay to marry the mother of his three children, Vanesa Mansilla. The striker has known his wife since they were 13. The two were inseparable since then and just recently, decided to tie the knot. Unfortunately, this important moment will not be remembered for the festivities alone, but also for the tragic robbery event.


It is believed that burglars entered the house through the building site.


As for the police, they were totally clueless to what transpired not until reporters started flocking the area.


Tevez immediately took  the helicopter to return to his house.


Until now, the total amount of the stolen items were unknown.


Tevez has no plans of reporting the crime since he does not want media reporters feasting on the said matter.


Meanwhile, the incident has sparked speculations that this has something to do with his lucrative move to China.


According to reports, he is set to join the Chinese Super League club, Shanghai Shenghua.


His contract with the Super League giant will see him earn a massive £615,000 a week.


Others report that he will be earning €40M per season, which is 20 times higher than what he gets from his current squad.
As soon as he transferred, he will be under the tutelage of Sunderland’s former manager, Gus Poyet.


Tevez is just one of the many players from different leagues who will transfer to China.


Recently, Oscar has already left Chelsea. Pepe from Real Madrid is moving out of La Liga to play for the Super League too.


The gargantuan offers from the clubs make it easy for them to convince big names in football to transfer.


Aside from players, managers have also tried their future in China.


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