The 5 Most Influential Gambling Superstitions

The arrival of a new year is commonly associated with auspiciousness and good luck. And since luck is an integral part of gambling, players and punters often practice their superstitious beliefs to ensure that the odds favor them.


Some of these beliefs are quite unbelievable, but who cares? If It does wonders, why not try it?


Listed below are some of the superstitious beliefs commonly observed when gambling.


It’s the Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a process where an individual learns how to utilize the energy that surrounds them. Apparently, this is also heavily observed in gambling.


A classic example of this was when MGM Grand had to do something about its Lion Entrance.


For many Chinese gamblers, going inside the jaws of this beast is believed to bring bad luck. Thus, despite its architectural and aesthetic appeal, the casino had to remove it in 1998.


The number game

While some numbers tend to be lucky for some, others deem it as omens of not so good energy.


Westerners, for example, see number 13 as unlucky. However, this does not sound true for its Asian counterparts.


Superstitious beliefs are also associated with the number seven. Oftentimes, this is associated with wealth.



Casinos, land-based or online will always have a touch of red.


Aside from courage and bravery, red also denotes luck.


Books and shoulders

Yes, for many Chinese punters, just the mere fact of mentioning the word “book” is prohibited. It is considered as a taboo of some sort because it sounds the same with lose.


It is also a no-no to tap somebody’s shoulder while they are playing.


Having sex

Yes, you heard it right. Having sex prior to gambling will not do you any good.


Indeed, some superstitions are really out of this world. But if it gives you the big wins, then there’s nothing wrong in trying them!


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