Klopp’s Warning: Coutinho is Not for Sale

Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp issued a warning against clubs, which are planning to lure Philippe Coutinho away from Anfield.


The ex-Borussia Dortmund manager stressed that their player is not for sale and that no amount of monetary gains can tempt them to let go of Coutinho.


With his spectacular performance, the Brazil international caught the attention of big clubs, to be more specific, the ones in Primera Division such as Barcelona and Real Madrid.


The Catalan giant, for one, is ready to splurge a massive £60M deal just to bring him to Camp Nou.


“We never had any ideas or plans or any talks about him leaving, because he is our player – there are no other ideas, nothing has changed,” Klopp shared in an interview.
Famous for his impeccable footwork, Coutinho emerged as one of Liverpool’s most influential players.


He has been directly involved in the club’s scoring opportunities, delivering crucial assists where it is needed the most. He himself has already delivered six goals in his last 13 appearances, not until he incurred an injury.


Coutinho damaged his ankle and was out of the pitch for seven long weeks.


Many thought that this will discourage big clubs from signing him, but Klopp sees it the other way around.


“It would be nice if big clubs thought like this and forgot about a player completely because he’s been injured for five or six weeks. But big clubs don’t think this way unfortunately,” Klopp shared.


Just recently, Coutinho started training with the squad. He is expected to be a part of Liverpool’s starting XI when they meet Southampton in their EFL Cup semi-final battle.


Unfortunately, he is sidelined during their highly anticipated match agaianst Manchester United.


Klopp said that the game does not give Coutinho enough time to be at his 100%.


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