Llorente Agrees to Go to Chelsea on a Loan

Swansea’s top striker, Fernando LLorente is already set to go to Chelsea on a loan.


The Spain international has already come into terms with his former manager at Juventus, Antonio Conte.


However, the agreement entails that he will not be treated as their third-choice striker. Such statement can be best understood with Llorente asking for an assurance that he will be part of Conte’s starting XI, considering how important he is at Swansea.


The loan is triggered by Chelsea’s need to have another striker aside from Diego Costa.


Though they were able to secure Michy Batshuayi’s signature over a £33M deal, he has not impressed and was unable to play first-choice football for the club.


In an interview, Conte expressed his belief that a loan could make Batshuayi a better player.


“Michy played a good game. He showed me great commitment. It’s always important to score for the confidence. But he has to continue to work,” he said.


Plot twist

It was believed that a swap between Llorente and Batshuayi will take place in a deal.


Yet, a sudden turn of events took place.
Aaron Leya Iseka, Michy’s younger brother will replace him since the latter prefers to go to West Ham United instead.


The 19-year-old Iseka is one of Belgium’s promising talents. He is part of the Anderlecht squad, but is on loan to the French outfit, Marseille.


Unfortunately,  he is having problems proving himself. It is also said that there is an existing rift between him and his manager, Rudi Garcia.


Issues such as missing the bus before a match against Montpellier and inability to follow instructions such as constantly driving to Marignane airport instead of going to their training center, forced Garcia to drop him on the list.


Though it was quite an unfortunate scenario, the teenager is still lucky for having the chance to play for Swansea.


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