Swansea Appoints Makelele As Assistant Manager

The legendary Claude Makelele returns to the Premier League with a bang.


The former France international and Chelsea midfield extraordinaire was appointed as Swansea’s assistant manager. This is some sort of a reunion with Paul Clement, whom he considered as his mentor.


The two have worked together when Makelele was still playing for the Blues and Paris Saint Germain (PSG).


“When I heard he was back working in the Premier League, I phoned him and asked if I could help him at Swansea. Paul has given me the opportunity to come back to the Premier League, and I’m very grateful because I’ve really missed it. I know him very well and he knows me too. I think I have a lot to give, and hopefully I can help Paul and Swansea,” he explained.


Makelele is known with his spectacular antics and display in the pitch. This midfield extraordinaire is recognized for revolutionizing the midfield-defensive position.


His impressive ability to control the match’s tempo earned his position a cheeky nickname known as “Makelele role” and his efficiency became more pronounced when he was able to help Nantes snatch its first Ligue 1 title as well as the Champions League semi-final.


Out of his 800 appearances, he has accumulated a total of 15 silverwares. Aside from Nantes, he has also won league titles with Chelsea and Real Madrid.


He was also a part of the French national squad that won the runner-up spot during the 2006 World Cup.


After retiring, he managed Bastia, but was sacked after six months. Nevertheless, the sacking did not wane his popularity for he was immediately appointed as Monaco’s technical director.
The social media world, Twitter, in particular cannot help but react with Makelele’s appointment. The viral “Makelele joke” so far is that he should be playing instead of managing.


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