Unhappy Payet Returns to Marseille

West Ham United has finally agreed to sell their ace player, Dmitri Payet to his former squad, Marseille. This is despite the unfortunate scenario that they will be receiving a lower transfer fee.


Reports have it that the Hammers, tired of the whole drama caused by the striker, settled for a £25M deal. It is implicit that the squad would rather turn their focus somewhere else than waste time in negotiations, which try to keep him within the walls of London Stadium.


Just recently, Payet expressed his desire to return to France because of family reasons. Since then, he has refused to train with the squad and practiced with the Under-23 squad instead.


His unexpected gestures have earned him the reputation of being a persona-non-grata from the club, which considers him as one of their pitch heroes. It also pave way for speculations that he wants to go to China.


Hebei China Fortuna approached Payet’s agent to encourage the latter in playing for the Chinese Super League powerhouse. This is also the same squad that secured the services of other big names in the footballing world such as Ezequiel Lavezzi and Gervinho.


The club is said to be more than willing to accommodate West Ham’s demands, while giving Payet a £500,000 monthly salary.


However, Julien Laurens made it clear that Payet’s intention to return is indeed, purely for family reasons.


“Payet will take a pay cut to go back to Marseille. It’s not about the money, the money has nothing to do with it,” Laurens shared in an interview.


It appears that after 18 months, his family found it hard to adjust to their new life. His children are also experiencing difficulties in school. Unhappy, his wife started looking for new schools and is already looking forward to starting anew in France even if it means having a lower pay check.


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