Match Preview: Juventus vs. Lazio

Though Juventus (1.47) is expected to win this match, it will not be easy for them knowing that Lazio is not ready to throw the white towel easily.


The Old Lady just came from an (unexpected) defeat to Fiorentina so it is only fitting to expect them to dominate this one. However, the problem with such defeat is that it inspires other clubs to be more competitive and put up a challenge to the defending champion.


Juve currently (thrives) to a four-point lead. Apparently, the squads that are underneath them are doing everything to increase the pressure against them so that they will eventually fall out of the top spot.


But the host is playing in their own turf where their last 26 matches. Whether one accepts it or not, such feat is simply not too easy to destroy. In addition, they have scored at least two goals in 13 of their last 14 matches. Certainly, this is one of the advantages that they will be exploiting when they meet Lazio.


Lazio, however, has been winning their away matches. They elicit a great threat, which, if not immediately addressed, might cause the host a whole lot of problems. They are fully aware that beating Juve gives them a chance to move closer to the top spot and they will be using this to inspire them.


Unfortunately, Lazio has never won against Juve in their last five matches. What is even worse is that the host has been keeping a clean sheet against them. They seem to find it hard to work through their scoring options and the likelihood that a clean sheet will occur remains high.


But as mentioned, this will not be easy for Juve. They need to work harder.


This match promises to be a close one, with the match predicted to end in a 1-0 (7.04) result. It is less likely for Juve to score more than one goal knowing that Lazio is keen on stopping them. Going for a total goal bet of 1 (2.52) is something that punters should consider.


Date: 22 January 2017

Venue: Juventus Stadium



*All odds may change without prior notice


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