Match Preview: Manchester City vs. Tottenham

Manchester City is determined to prove that they are worth their salt when they meet the consistent and high-flying Tottenham. But with the competition getting tougher and tougher every match, it is more likely for this encounter to end in a draw (3.48).


City suffered one of their biggest losses last week. They were pitted to dominate Ronald Koeman’s side, but instead, it was the opposite that took place. They were thrashed with four goals. It also slapped them with the bitter reality of their weak defence when the Tofees snatched a pure clean sheet.


But Pep Guardiola, considering his managerial success and a little bit of haughtiness, will not allow a replication of the Everton match.


City will score, there is no doubt about it. They have been very successful in their last three home matches that is quite impossible for them not to see the net in this game. In addition, they did not only win those matches, they scored at least two goals in those encounters.


But the problem with City is that Ilkay Gundogan is sidelined because of an injury. Fernandinho, who is dubbed as the new Mario  Balotelli is also out to serve his suspension. Guardiola must think of a way on how he could cope without these lads. There’s a chance that he will be fielding their new recruit, Gabriel Jesus, but whether he’ll deliver or not, remains to be seen.


As for Tottenham, what happened to them last week was a complete opposite of City. They were the one, which thrashed West Brom, scoring four goals and keeping a clean sheet.


Mauricio Pochettino is aware of how strong City is at Etihad, but he is also aware of their defensive shortcomings. Clearly, they will not allow a clean sheet either, most especially at this point where they have won all of their last six matches.


The club, which is currently ranked second in the league table is looking forward to extending their three-match winning streak against the host.


Yet, as mentioned, City’s home strength will prevent such thing to happen.


Expect a low scoring encounter, which is most likely to end in 1-1 (6.73). Going for Under 2, 2.5 (2.40) is definitely a profitable bet in here.



Date: 21 January 2017

Venue: Etihad


*All odds may change without prior notice


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