Bayern Assures Vidal is Fit to Play in Champions League Clash Against Arsenal

Arturo Vidal’s possibility of participating in the first leg of their Champions League clash against Arsenal remains uncertain. However, Bayern shared that he could play after two or three weeks.


The Chile international is yet to recover from a rib injury when he played in the Telekom Cup. Although they won the match, Vidal was unable to finish the match and was forced to leave the pitch early.


In an interview, he shared that he needs a much needed break for him to recover fully.


“I feel bad and have severe pain on the rib. Now I will have to pause, because I cannot play,” he shared.


“I already missed training for a week, but now it should take at least two or three week. I will see how I feel for the last 16 in the Champions League,” he added.


But in Bayern’s website, the club tried to pacify the supporters’ doubts and fears via saying that he will “be back on board” in their match against Schalke, whilst his participation remains open when they go against Werder Bremen.


Other than Vidal, Kingsley Coman is also expected to play for the Bavarian giant in their upcoming matches. Coman incurred a muscle injury while performing international duties for France since November and has yet to feature again for the team.


Vidal is considered as one of Bayern’s best acquisition in the transfer window. After helping the Serie A powerhouse, Juventus propel into the zenith of success, he is now one of Carlos Ancelotti’s best players.


Dietmar Hamman described him as the club’s most important player and even more important than Manuel Neuer and Robert Lewandowski.


He stressed that he brings more into the table and is not just content in fulfilling his defensive possibilities. Hamman explains that he also poses as a “goal threat” to opponents.


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