Marcelo and Modric Adds to Madrid’s Growing Injury List

Marcelo and Luka Modric are the latest additions in Real Madrid’s growing list of injury concerns.


The two players incurred an injury while playing against Malaga. Although they secured the match’s upper-hand and the points, they had to pay a great price for it since it subjected them in the sidelines.


Marcelo was immediately taken out of the pitch on the 25th minute when he injured his hamstring. This damage usually takes days to heal, but since his condition is under the grade 2 category, there is a high possibility for him to be sidelined for a week or more. This meant that he might not be able to play in their Champions League match against Napoli.


On the other hand, Modric incurred a thigh strain.


Due to the increasing number of his unavailable players, Real Madrid’s manager, Zinedine Zidane cannot help but feel a little downbeat with their current situation.


“I’m a bit fed up with the injuries because we’ve got a lot of games ahead of us,” he shared.


Tomorrow, the Los Blancos will be putting up a challenge against Celta Vigo in the second leg of Copa del Rey’s quarter-finals. Celta Vigo defeated them in the first leg.


Next month, they will be meeting Napoli in the first leg of their Champions League tournament. Indeed, Zidane will be needing tons of creativity for them to retain their lead in the league table. But this is not just because Marcelo and Modric are not playing. As mentioned, many of the club’s players are sidelined.


Pepe, Dani Carvajal and Gareth Bale are already sidelined and is less likely to return soon. James Rodriguez, who just recently impressed is also unavailable.


Real Madrid enjoyed quite a long spell at the zenith of Primera Division’s rankings. However, they have not performed well in their recent matches. Three of their last seven matches resulted in a draw and losses. The defeats hurt them the most since they have cut down their lead, therefore, opening chances for Sevilla and Barcelona to secure the coveted title.


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